CFPUA issues mandatory water restrictions due to waterline break

Wilmington, NC (WWAY) – Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is issuing mandatory water restrictions for all commercial and residential customers in its service area until further notice, because of a waterline break.

A CFPUA spokesman said the repair of the 48” main, which being jointly conducted by CFPUA and Brunswick County Public Utilities, is expected to take several days to complete.  The spokesman said water quality is not an issue and the quality of CFPUA’s drinking water has not been affected.  The break involved a major raw water line, not a line supplying treated drinking water to customers.

“We need our customers to adhere to the following restrictions to ensure necessary service for all,” CFPUA Executive Director Jim Flechtner said. “Maintaining an adequate water supply for fire protection and medical services is the top priority and a responsibility we all now share.”

All CFPUA customers are required to immediately reduce their water usage.  These are the mandatory restrictions:

  • No outdoor water usage is allowed.  No irrigation system or other lawn or garden watering, no car washing, no power washing, no driveway washdowns, and no topping off of swimming pools.
  • Use water only as necessary.  Instead of baths, take showers.  Make those showers short in length.
  • Do not waste water.  Turn it off when it is not directly in use, like while brushing teeth, washing hands, and washing dishes.
  • Dishwashers and washing machines should only be used when loads are full.
  • If possible, limit flushing of toilets.

CFPUA is not instituting fines at this time.  However, such measures, including assistance from local law enforcement, may be put in place if the necessary reduction in usage is not achieved.

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