CFPUA responds to water safety concerns

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After reports about a toxin called GenX in our water many citizens want answers.

“I don’t know how long we’ve been exposed to this,” Larry Smith a CFPUA customers said.

Customers like Smith are upset with recent reports about the toxin GenX that has been found in drinking water.

Smith is even more upset that he did not find out the news from the water company, but Frank Styers with CFPUA wants customers to know the utility is working to make sure everything it safe.

“We’re committed to continuing to produce the best water that we can, that meets drinking water regulations,” Styers said.

Styers hopes customers will not worry right now.

Mother of two, Ashley Buckner, wants more information because it not only impacts her life, but her children’s.

“I mean if we’re drinking it and showering with it, we’re brushing our teeth with it, we’re putting it in our food, it’s definitely a concern,” Buckner said.

The CFPUA found out about the GenX in the water from a study conducted last year. Right now there are no water advisories for water users in the area.

There’s not much other information or guidance for the water providers either.

“At this time there’s been no studies of these compounds, the  compounds, on the long-term human health effects, and this is a relatively new emerging compound,” Styers said.

There is one thing that customers and the CFPUA want to happen.

“More study needs to be done and if it is found that this compound is dangerous, that needs to be regulated at the point of its discharge into the river,” Styers said.

The state is working with CFPUA to figure out the current state of the chemicals found in the water.

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