CFPUA: Still no response from EPA, DEQ regarding GenX

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Although we still do not have test results, or any solid answers regarding GenX in the Cape Fear River, the CFPUA says it’s doing what it can to get answers from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Environmental Quality.

The CFPUA’s Long-Range Planning Committee met Thursday afternoon to go over its six year review and how contaminants in the water are regulated. They discussed the Safe Drinking Water Act which requires the EPA to review drinking water at least once every six years.

CFPUA Board Member Charlie Rivenbark says they fall well below the regulated limits, but GenX is uncharted territory. Rivenbark adds their attorneys have reached out to the EPA and the DEQ but have yet to hear back.

As a sewage and water treatment plant, Rivenbark says the best they can do for now is provide a health advisory while they wait for answers. It is a waiting game that has more than the community worried.

“Along comes GenX and it’s something that concerns us all,” Rivenbark said. “We all live here, the board doesn’t live in California. We live right here, we drink the water and we’re frustrated and we want to get to the bottom of it.”

Rivenbark says his biggest fear moving forward are the rumors spreading across the community. While working towards answers, CFPUA is also trying to find ways to simplify the status on GenX for the whole community to understand.

Rivenbark says they sent another letter to the EPA and DEQ today. Rivenbark adds he does not think the agencies are ignoring them but rather, they are trying to get all the facts right before responding.

Also during the meeting CFPUA announced they are meeting with UNCW professors on Monday to go over the history of the Cape Fear River.

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