Cokie Roberts weighs in on 2016 RNC

CLEVELAND, Oh (WWAY) — Longtime political commentator, Cokie Roberts, is weighing in on the 2016 Republican National Convention.

In a phone conversation with WWAY’s Ashley Sturm, Roberts said she thinks the RNC will help draw in more voters and GOP leaders who previously stayed away from Trump.

Roberts believes the many speech’s from the Trump family will aid in the process.

“People who are weary of Donald Trump, particularly Republicans who are weary of Donald Trump, are likely to feel better after they see his family, that they are nice young people who speak well and give a sense that he’s not just a brash businessman, but has also raised a nice family,” Roberts said.

When it comes to local voters, Roberts say North Carolina will be vital in the 2016 election.

”North Carolina is a key state. It has been in the past couple presidential elections and it will be again this year. A lot of interest in turnout in North Carolina. The new voter laws make a difference there. And They’re hoping by the time this convention is over North Carolina will be in the Republican column.” she said.

She says no matter what side you’re on, HB2 is going to draw people to the polls.



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