Community reaches out to help veteran after WWAY story

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Wednesday we told you the story of John Ganey, an 80-year-old veteran who has been living in his garage since Hurricane Florence destroyed his home.

We also told you that the city of Boiling Spring Lakes says he can’t live there anymore because it isn’t up to state code.

Now we have an update.

Since the story aired, we have had numerous people reach out to us wanting to help Mr. Ganey.

Our Facebook post has received nearly 100 comments, many of those asking what they can do to help.

At least three separate Go Fund Me pages have been created.

One of those pages was created by Amanda Doyle, who also tried to file permits on Ganey’s behalf so he can use the camper that a friend gave him.

“My heart was broken because he’s 80, and he has heart issues, and he’s a veteran,” said Doyle. “He’s already done a lot for this country, and my dad was a Vietnam veteran who was disabled. So, it kind of hit close to home. Especially because we were flooded out in Floyd.”

We reached out to Mr. Ganey who said he doesn’t like the idea of taking handouts, but just knowing that so many people want to help him has made his life a lot better.

He also says the city reached out to him Thursday about permitting his camper, and they were nicer to him.

He says he’s going to wait until Tuesday to pay the permit fee to see if his property sells before that.

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