Congressman David Rouzer discusses beach renourishment, farm bill and GOP debate

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Congressman David Rouzer says he’s been busy on several things in Washington.

Two of the biggest things he’s been focusing on: The North Carolina Farm Bill and beach renourishment.

“And I’ve got a bill that I have high hopes for,” said Rouzer. “I expect we will get it signed into law that makes it a permanent change so Wrightsville Beach won’t have to worry about getting its sand offshore.”

Debate over where sand would come from for a renourishment project at Wrightsville Beach caused delays, but that work is set to begin and end later this year.

When it comes to the farm bill, Rouzer says agriculture is a critical part of the southeastern North Carolina economy, which is why he hopes to soon have a new bill ready to go soon.

“I anticipate we’ll have some language unveiled in the house. Hopefully have markup sometime before September the 30th, which is when the current law expires. We’ll end up passing an extension of the current law to the end of the year. Hopefully get a bill off the house floor and then work with the senate to come up with a final law by year end.”

WWAY also asked Congressman Rouzer about former President Trump deciding to skip the first presidential candidate debate on Wednesday.

“For him to be on the debate stage, he’s basically elevating all the other contenders to his level and from a political, there’s no reason for him to do that. Second, people pretty much know where Donald Trump stands on just about everything.”

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