Coyotes in Wilmington?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Coyotes aren’t a common sight in Southeastern North Carolina but some folks say they’re becoming far too common.

“They’re like sharks of the land,” said Steve Bilzi, who has seen coyotes near his home.

“Then, in the last two weeks, I’ve actually seen more than one at a time running across Greenville Loop myself,” Bilzi said. He added that he and his neighbors have seen the animals causing trouble in recent weeks.

“Disappearing cats; people have literally said that they have been on their porches and their dogs have gotten surrounded by them,” Bilzi said.

“Well, it’s not too common right around here,” said Jimmy English, a wildlife removal expert. “There’s a lot of mischief he can get into just like with anything else.”

Collecting wildlife is his business and has been for years. English said coyotes are smart animals. He’s only caught one alive.

“If they wanna shoot them, shoot ’em,” said English. “Wildlife people don’t care if you shoot em’.”

Otherwise, his advice is simple.

“Live with it,” he laughed. “I wish I did have the answer, I could sell the answer boy, woo hoo, I could make me a mint if I knew how to eradicate a coyote.”

Fortunately, English said coyotes are particularly frightened by humans, so there is little danger there.

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