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3 rare black coyotes killed during hunt in North Carolina

Three rare black coyotes were among the nearly 150 coyotes killed during a massive hunting tournament near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Officials say wild S. Carolina turkeys are being over-hunted

South Carolina state wildlife officials say wild turkeys in the state are being over-hunted.

Missouri poacher ordered to repeatedly watch ‘Bambi’

A Missouri poacher has been ordered to repeatedly watch the movie "Bambi" as part of his sentence for illegally killing hundreds of deer.

Hunting temporarily restricted on portion of Bladen Lakes State Forest

A portion of the game lands at Bladen Lakes State Forest is now off limits to hunting.

Should Sunday hunting be allowed on North Carolina game lands?

Do you think you should be able to hunt on Sundays? The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is looking to get your opinion on opening 61 select game lands across the state.

Lake Waccamaw ends the hunt for alligator permits

Don't expect to be able to alligator hunt in Lake Waccamaw. The board of commissioners voted 3-1 against the idea.

NC gets $31 million for conservation, outdoor recreation projects

Outdoorsmen in North Carolina are benefiting on some of the taxes they may for their gear.

Hunting pastor mistaken for coyote shot, killed; Man charged

A North Carolina pastor out hunting was killed when authorities say another hunter mistook him for a coyote.

Disputed duck blind: NC wildlife official gets hit in the head during attack

Authorities say a man assaulted a cousin of Gov. Roy Cooper and a North Carolina wildlife official, ranted at them with slurs and threats and accused them of hunting in his duck blind.

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