Cupcake caper: Woman caught on camera swiping tray of free samples

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL (WPLG/CNN) — This glutton needs some punishment.

A South Florida woman was caught on camera this weekend running off with an entire tray of free samples from a Southwest Miami-Dade County cupcake shop.

“It’s just shameful,” said Andrea Bernal who works at Ali’s Sweet Treats in the 7000 block of Southwest 117th Avenue.

Bernal said a couple came to the shop on Saturday night and bought some treats, but before leaving with their purchase, the man spotted the free samples and inhaled a cupcake.

“I think he eats it with a paper actually because we had them on little papers,” Bernal said.

But the woman takes the sample concept to the next level: She grabbed the plate and ran away with all of the samples.

“Maybe she was hungry? I think she definitely enjoyed the sample. Maybe they’re just that good that you just can’t help yourself?” Bernal said.

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