DA says they’re ‘declaring war’ on drug dealers as sheriff offices form task force

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Sheriff offices in Bladen, Columbus, and Robeson counties are joining forces to crack down on crimes in the region.

Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker, Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene, and Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins announced on Wednesday the formation of “Tri-County Community Impact Team Task Force.”

The C.I.T Task Force will be comprised of “specialized trained deputies to address problem areas in each of the counties.”

“The Tri-County C.I.T. Task Force is a proactive group that will address problem areas based on citizen complaints within each county,” Sheriff Wilkins said. “Each of the sheriff’s have a similar team in place already but we can do much more and be more effective when we work together.”

“Drug dealers, gang members, human traffickers, and such see no jurisdictional lines and routinely cross into bordering counties,” Sheriff McVicker said. “Utilizing resources from the tri-county agencies will be beneficial in supporting our cause.”

The team is made up of about 15 deputies and will include K9s and their handlers, the availability of two helicopters, drones, command posts, and more.

“The citizens have asked us to clean up our counties and bringing in such a group will be key in making an impact as the name of the team suggest,” Sheriff Greene said. “The thin blue line just got thicker.”

The task force plans to meet together several times a month and set goals in “cleaning up neighborhoods.”

Preparation for forming this team began six months ago.

The team will begin its patrol and enforcement efforts later this week.

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