Deer harvested from North Carolina airport going to feed the hungry

ASHEBORO, NC (WGHP) — When the City of Winston-Salem approved an ordinance allowing wildlife officials to use rifles eliminate deer from the Smith Reynolds Airport grounds, they did so in the name of safety.

But those deer have now turned into an opportunity to feed the less fortunate during the holiday season. Plus, it’s just a snapshot of a larger program with a similar mission.

“We grind it all up into hamburger in one-pound packs,” said Phillip Craven, owner of Craven Deer Processing in Asheboro.

The 21 deer taken from the airport have been brought to Craven, whose staff have turned them into 515 pounds of meat. The meat was then brought back to Winston-Salem, to Catholic Social Services and the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission.

Craven is also involved in an organization called North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry. Hunters harvest deer, then they’re brought to meat processors like Craven’s, before being passed on to food distribution networks which give the meat to people in need.

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