Deer wanders beer aisle at Wis. grocery store

DARBOY, Wis. (WLUK) — Oh, deer, oh deer! A white-tailed fawn made quite a spectacle at a grocery store in Wisconsin.

“It just walked through the door like any other guest.”

This surveillance video from the store shows the poor deer bopping its head on the way in.

As a fawn, it probably doesn’t have much experience with automatic doors.

“No, they don’t appear to be, especially when they’re young yet.”

Assistant Store Director Andrew Reimer got the call on his headset.

“Let me know there was a fawn in the wine and spirits department,” he said. “It was that cashier’s first day by himself over here, so I was a little incredulous.”

But there it was, easy to spot in the crowd.

“In the back aisle we had a white-tailed deer fawn, kind of staggering around a little dazed and confused.”

Customers were dazed too.

“They all got out their phones and took pictures.”

But they stopped to help employees form a human fence guiding the fawn outside.

“The deer didn’t get it at first, but eventually, once they scooted it around, it did and then it was out. It was fine after that.”

“Eventually the group of employees and customers was able to usher the fawn down this hallway and to this emergency exit. They got it out the door and into this green space out back.”

“Which is probably where it came from.”

It’s not clear what the fawn came in for, but it certainly wasn’t going to be buying any booze.

“We are very vigilant about not allowing underage minors into the wine and spirits department. So we made sure we got it out in a timely manner.”

Store employees have come up with a code word to use over the headsets for any future events like this. Another deer in the store will be a “code brown.”

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