Watch: Doorbell cam captures Idaho trick-or-treater’s good deed

An Idaho boy is doing everything right these days.

Jesse Robertson of Idaho Falls wasn’t necessarily surprised with the empty candy bowl. He expected someone or somebody took a few too many pieces of candy while the family was away Halloween night.

Robertson and his family instructed trick-or-treaters to do some kind of trick to be rewarded some candy.

“We left … a sign that said ‘do a trick take a treat! Only one or two please you’re on camera!,” Robertson told KBOI 2News.

When they finally arrived home, the family watched the video to see how long their candy stash lasted. He found the child who took most of the candy, but what happened after that is what melted his heart.

A young boy apparently felt bad about the family’s empty bowl so he left behind some of his own hard earned candy for other trick-or-treaters.

He uploaded the video and it’s gone crazy all over Facebook.

“This kid in the video did something that would surprise just about anybody these days,” he said. “So I (thought) everyone should see it.”

Robertson told KBOI 2News that after he found out the boy’s name and family, he plans to reward his good deed with a little care package of goodies.

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