DRUG ROUNDUP: Sheriff’s office sweeps Brunswick streets

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Getting drugs off the streets was the goal of a drug roundup Wednesday in Brunswick County.

The sheriff’s office spent the day serving warrants to dozens of drug offenders throughout the county.

“Anything from distribution of cocaine to distribution of cocaine to distribution of methamphetamine,” Detective Sergeant Joe Cherry said. “We have several people that have had federal warrants issued for their arrest, involved in numerous investigations that we have going on in Brunswick County.”

A detective from the sheriff’s office says they try to do these roundups when they start to see a rise in complaints from the community.

Teams spread out all over the county with a list of more than forty accused users and dealers.

From warrants for distribution of cocaine to federal warrants, the sheriff’s office was out in full force.

Detective and deputies served warrants to a number of known drug offenders.

“Our sheriff is very committed to making this county as safe and as pleasant of a place to live in for the community,” Cherry said. “So our goal in vice narcotics is to ensure that we’re getting those people who are a nuisance to the community off the streets.”

One detective says some of these drug offenders could face a minimum of 25 years in federal prison.

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