Duck release stirs controversy

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Five white crested ducks may not be getting a new home after all.

The ducks were released Sunday in the lake by Carolina Beach Elementary School.

These ducks were purchased after a duck was hit and killed by a car last year.

The Girl Scouts and a local family fostered the ducks from ducklings.

“My daughter is a girl scout down here on the island, and so they wanted to help out as far as the care for the ducks and everything associated with them,” Jasmine McKee, who helped raise the ducks, said on Sunday.

McKee added that bread and crackers are hazardous to the ducks. She said the ducks prefer fowl food, cracked corn, or peas. There is a Facebook page for the Carolina Beach Lake Ducks with a longer list of food they can be fed.

After the story of the duck release circulated on social media, controversy began to stir.

The group Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said the domesticated ducks cannot survive on their own.

Community members say they would have taken care of the ducks, but now they’re afraid someone will take them.

“They say we illegally dumped our ducks in our own lake, so I guess we’re going to end up taking them back home because we don’t want someone stealing our ducks,” Debra LeCompte, a community member, said on Monday.

A spokesperson for Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, Cara Lopp, said the ducks have been dependent on people for food and do not have instincts to defend themselves from predators.

Lopp added the group is not trying to stir up controversy and not trying to upset the Girl Scouts. She said the group just wants to educate folks about why the ducks should not be left in the pond.


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