Elena Delle Donne ‘shocked’ her WNBA season medical opt-out request was denied

(CNN) — Elena Delle Donne, the reigning WNBA MVP, wants to play basketball.

But the Washington Mystics star, who has battled Lyme disease for years, also wonders how her body would react if she contracted Covid-19 while playing.

On Monday, a panel of doctors denied Delle Donne’s request to opt-out of the WNBA season for medical reasons, saying she is not at high risk of contracting Covid-19 and should be allowed to play.

However, Delle Donne, 30, said in a statement that her personal physician had told her that she’s indeed at high risk.

The panel of doctors was approved by the league and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA).

“I was shocked,” Delle Donne, also a WNBPA vice president, told CNN on Wednesday. “And the process makes it hard because there’s no ability to even appeal and I wasn’t able to speak with the panel.”

In an essay in The Players Tribune on Wednesday, Delle Donne revealed that she takes 64 pills a day, and she told CNN it takes a toll on her.

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