Emergency services training takes hands-on approach

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Friday was day two of a four day training session where emergency services from across the area could experience real life situations.

Pender County Emergency Management is training more than 100 people on how to be prepared for a variety of real life situations that could come their way.

“Oh you always learn something new ya know they put out different scenarios so you see something you’ve not seen before, so it gives you an opportunity to practice later on in case it happens in a real search,” K9 handler Nancy Culberson said.

While at the campsite crews were sent out into the woods with a staged scenario to find a opossible lost hunter.

“It’s not just like an everyday search that you go out here and train people out here in the field,” Pender County Emergecny Management Director Tom Collins said. “So there’s things we got to deal with one is the elements.”

Making this training unique because of how hands-on and realistic it truly is for both beginners and experts.

“We have people who have never participated in a search, so we married them with people that are experienced so it gives them an opportunity that they know what an experienced person does based on someone that’s been trained, but never actually been out on a search,” Collins said.

As the training continues participants stay on-site 24 hours a day until practice becomes perfect.

Collins said this will help them improve as a whole by giving different emergency services a chance to work together.

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