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Emergency services training takes hands-on approach

Friday was day two of a four day training session where emergency services from across the area could experience real life situations.

Local emergency responders prepared for the worst

When tragedy strikes, like the Las Vegas massacre, no one thinks it will happen to them. That is why emergency responders across the Cape Fear are trained and ready for any and all situations that may come our way.

Secret Service train in Outer Banks surf to save presidents

The surf along North Carolina's Outer Banks is the training ground for Secret Service agents learning to rescue U.S. presidents and their families.

SC deputies complete program for dealing with mentally ill

Sheriff's deputies in three South Carolina counties have recently completed training for dealing with mentally ill people that they hope will make them more empathetic in such situations.

Fit Minute – Bridging the gap between physical therapy and exercise

videoDoing physical therapy for an injury or after surgery will help you start the repairing process. But, to really heal it, physical therapists suggest you start an exercise routine as well. So, physical therapists and personal trainers at the Wilmington Athletic Club teamed up to help patients bridge the gap between physical therapy and the gym.

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