Experiencing mask rash? Here are some tips on how to avoid skin irritation

CHAPEL HILL, NC (WTVD) — As the global pandemic continues and mask mandates are in effect to help prevent the spread some people are seeing skin issues and irritation also known as ‘mask rash’ from prolonged use of the face coverings.

“It’s a wide variety of problems that can happen from just people on the street to providers who have to wear one or two masks to just keep themselves protected,” explained Dr. Sue Ellen Cox, founder of Aesthetic Solutions Dermatology in Chapel Hill.

Dr. Cox says she is seeing more and more patients with skin issues stemming from masks.

“A lot of it is due to occlusion acting so they’re getting lots of little fine bumps around their mouth just from sort of sweating and clogging up the pores,” Dr. Cox explained.

The rash forms when bacteria or moisture builds up under the mask and irritates the skin. Hot weather can also lead to excess sweating making the rash worse in the summer months.

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