Eye witness testifies in Nashid Porter’s murder trial

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The state called one of its only eye witnesses in the Nashid Porter murder trial to testify Wednesday.

Porter is charged with the 2012 death of Brian Grant. Porter is also charged with the death of one of the witnesses in this trial, Obediah Hester.

On Tuesday, Porter told the judge he did not want to participate in the trial. 

The state called on a witness with the last name Love. She is an eye witness for Brian Grant’s murder.

Love said she was at home on July 26, 2012. She said she was outside hanging out with Brian Grant, Nashid Porter, Ebony Hines, and Obediah Hester and a bunch of people. Love said they were all smoking marijuana that night.

“Ebony and Brian Grant were arguing,” Love said. “Nashid walked over there and asked what was going on she was like, ‘We were just having an argument.'”

Love said Nashid Porter walked away with an angry face and Ebony and Brian went into their house. She said she did not see them again until the next morning.

Love said the next morning, Porter and Hester were standing on another porch laughing. Love said Hines and Grant left worked for work and she saw Porter watch them drive off.

Love said she watched Grant drive back and Porter watched from Hester’s yard. Love said Grant walked back into Hine’s house. She said Porter ran across the street and sat in the chair in Hine’s yard. Love said Porter rang the door bell. She said Grant answered and then Porter shot him. Love said there was no argument. Love said Porter knocked on the door and then in a matter of seconds he fired the gun.

Then, Love said Porter ran across the street and got in his car. Love said she told police she was scared when Porter got out of jail in February 2014.

The state called detective Kevin Tulley with the Wilmington Police Department next. Tulley did a lot of the interviewing of witnesses in this case.

The state played two phone calls from jail between Porter and his girlfriend. Tulley discusses the transcripts of the phone call. At one point he said Porter and his girlfriend seem to be referring to a person who gave the police information.

“Cousin did,” Porter said. “See? You called it. I ain’t even mad.”

Tulley said Porter and Hester had sometimes referred to each other as cousin.

The state then asked Tulley about his interview of Hester. Tulley said during his taped interview officers were having a hard time getting clear answers from Hester. That is when Tulley entered the room and began questioning Hester.

Tulley asks Hester why he asked Porter, ‘What the F*** did you do? There are 9 witnesses.'”

“I’m not trying to cover up for him,” Hester said. “I don’t give two cents about what he has going on.”

Tulley told Hester he was just there to confirm that Porter was in the Creekwood community the night before Grant’s death and the morning of the death.  Hester yelled at one point , “I will bare witness to the truth!”

The state then asked Tulley about that interview.

Ben David: “Hester isn’t here to testify is he?”
Tulley: “No. He was murdered.”
David: “Who murdered him?”
Tulley: “Nashid Porter.”

The state then called Amanda Payne from the Pender County 911 Center. She is testifying about the 911 call Sarah Bragg made about Obediah Hester’s death. 

The state then called Benjamin Patrick to the stand. Patrick worked Hester at the House of Raefford in Wallace. Patrick said they saw Porter on their way to work on Nov. 12, 2014. Patrick said Porter gave Hester a weird look, but he asked them to come over after work.

After work, Porter asked Patrick to drive them all over to his dad’s house down the road. Patrick said it was an abandoned, dark trailer. He said Porter asked Hester to get out of the car.

“Obi gave me a look,” Patrick said. “It was like a sad look.”

Patrick said Porter asked Hester to get out of the car and then they went behind the house. Patrick said he heard a gun shot. Then, Patrick said he saw Hester running out and Porter was running behind him. Then, Patrick said he saw Porter standing over Hester shooting at him more times.

Patrick and the other man in the car pulled out and headed towards Sarah Bragg’s house.

The state then called detective Matthew English with the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office.

English said he was called to the scene of Hester’s murder. He said he drove down a road to an abandoned trailer. He said there was a body behind a Porta Jon on the property.

English said the autopsy shows Hester was shot 11 times and the cause of death included blunt force trauma. He said Hester’s skull was crushed. English said they found a large cinder block covered in blood in the front yard. English said he did not know what the cinder block was used for until the autopsy. He said it was clear Hester’s body had been dragged.

Closing statements will begin Thursday.

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