Family trapped at waterfall rescued after sending ‘SOS’ bottle

(CNN) — A California family wants to thank two hikers who they said saved their lives on Father’s Day weekend.

Curtis Whitson, his girlfriend and his 13-year-old son got stuck when they reached a river after two days of hiking in central California.

They intended to float down that river on inner tubes, but the water was too high.

The waterfall also fell into a 40-foot deep canyon, and the ropes typically fastened to rocks that allow hikers to rappel down were missing.

Trapped family uses message in a bottle to call for help. (Photo: Curtis Whitson)

Whitson heard voices on the other side of a waterfall. So he carved “help” on a reusable water bottle he found, put a note inside and threw it over the waterfall.

Two hikers on the other side found that bottle and alerted authorities.

The family wants to thank those hikers, but they never left their names with officials.

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