Father has warning after he says son broke both ankles at NC trampoline park

HICKORY, NC (WSOC) — A father said his 6-year-old son was injured at a Hickory trampoline park after he jumped onto a deflated landing zone.

He said the boy broke his ankles on Monday afternoon at Defy Hickory.

A state amusement ride inspector said businesses like Defy Hickory are not regulated by the state of North Carolina.

Parents sign paperwork that releases the business from liability if something goes wrong.

Mark Loden said his son jumped from a 15-foot platform to a 20-foot platform and landed on the deflated bag breaking his ankles.

“It’s horrifying, but it makes you angry at the same time. Why was it not closed off?” Loden said. “Why was someone not over there telling kids not to be there?”

Loden said he was helping his daughter when the boy climbed the stairs and jumped.

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