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Tacks damage tires in North Carolina police parking lot

A North Carolina police department says someone put down metal tacks in the agency's parking lot, damaging the tires of multiple vehicles.

Virus impact in China could affect state’s furniture firms

The impact of the coronavirus in China could be felt by furniture companies in North Carolina.

NC lawyer wins big at national beard competition

A North Carolina lawyer just set the bar for facial hair. 

NC man charged in shooting by child who kicked his holster

A North Carolina man has been charged in a shooting by his child who kicked his gun holster and wounded the child's mother.

NC girl chosen as Gerber’s adorable new Spokesbaby

Gerber announced a new, adorable addition to their family - and she's from right here in North Carolina.

Father has warning after he says son broke both ankles at NC trampoline park

A father said his 6-year-old son was injured at a Hickory trampoline park after he jumped onto a deflated landing zone.

NC woman charged after nude photos of ex-boyfriend posted online

Authorities in North Carolina are accusing a woman of posting nude photos of her former boyfriend on Facebook.

5-year-old NC boy’s grave marker ‘repossessed…like a car’ after dispute

A Hickory couple is in disbelief after their son’s grave marker was repossessed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer says he is owed money, but the family says that’s just not true.

World War II veteran’s skull stolen from NC cemetery

Police say someone broke into a mausoleum at a North Carolina cemetery and stole the skull of World War II veteran.

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