FDA orders warning for kids on tanning beds

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The FDA is taking new steps to tackle health risks for young people when it comes to tanning.

The federal agency is requiring a warnings on tanning beds, much like cigarettes, for user under the age of 18.

Experts says tanning beds can increase the risk of melanoma, especially for kids.

Donna Gurganious has been using tanning beds frequently since she was 22. She believes this label could have a positive impact.

“Because people will really research what the tanning beds do, and the kind of rays that they emit, as opposed to what you’re getting when you’re just laying in the sun,” she said.

The FDA is also putting a requirement on some marketing materials for these sunlamp products, including requiring manufacturers to get clearance before marketing any of these products.

Gurganious says this regulation may have an impact, but she thinks the responsibility lies with the parents.

“It may help, but only if there is reinforcement, because a teenager is going to smoke a pack of cigarettes if they can get a hold of ’em, just because it’s something they’re not supposed to do,” Gurganious said.

But tanning salon owner Alfred Walker does not think the labels will keep people from using the tanning beds.

“I really don’t. Hey, I had labels on my beds. They wore off now from cleaning the beds. Ain’t never paid no attention to them,” Walker said.

The FDA hopes teens will pay attention in an attempt to cut down on potentially deadly skin cancers.

New sunlamp products have 90 days to comply with this requirement. Products already on the market have 450 days.

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