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FDA lets recalled food sit on shelves too long, investigators say

Officials with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said the Food and Drug Administration hasn't done enough to get contaminated food off shelves quickly in the past.

Don’t ever eat raw cookie dough, FDA warns

If you just can't resist eating the last bits of raw cookie dough from the bowl while baking, the U.S. FDA has a message for you: don't.

FDA warns of commercial dog bone treats after 90 illnesses, 15 dog deaths

The Food and Drug Administration says it received about 68 reports of pet illnesses related to "bone treats" frequently purchased at stores.
Restaurant menu including calorie count (Photo: Jason Lander / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)video

Trump administration moves ahead with Obama menu-label law

The Trump administration is moving ahead with a law from the Obama years that will require calorie counts to appear on foods served at restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and pizza delivery chains nationwide.

Four counties participate in medication disposal event

This event allowed people a safe way to dispose of their medications that they don't use anymore.
Eye Examvideo

Seeing hope: FDA panel considers gene therapy for blindness

On Thursday, U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisers will consider whether to recommend approval of a gene therapy that improved vision for these three youths and some others with hereditary blindness.

FDA OKs Pfizer drug for rare, fast-killing type of leukemia

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medicine for use against a rare, rapidly progressing blood cancer after other treatments have failed.

Trader Joe’s recalls applesauce over possible glass shards in product

According to an FDA news release, the recall was initiated after Manzana Products Co., which makes the applesauce for Trader Joe's, said it had gotten reports from consumers saying they'd found glass in the products.

FDA launches contest for opioid antidote app

The opioid crisis has led health officials to search for new and innovative ways to save lives, with many state officials focusing on giving more people, including first responders and community members, access to a life-saving opioid antidote called naloxone.

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