Fire chief: Leland Walmart blocks entrance with carts, causes fire hazard

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Shoppers who went to one Walmart found out they couldn’t get in or out one door because the entrance was blocked off.

One viewer was concerned it was a fire hazard so we reached out to Leland Fire Chief John Grimes.

Some shoppers we spoke with were confused as to why shopping carts were blocking some of the entrance ways.

Chief Grimes stopped by and determined it was a fire hazard and Walmart employees cleared the blocked doors.

While some people were upset, others say it was too icy to go in that way.

“I think they’re low staffing and I think they’re trying to just kind of coordinate people into one entrance to where they can keep a hold on people coming in and out,” shopper Heath Settlemeyer said. “There’s some places that didn’t even try to open today so I’m kind of glad they made the effort to come in their workers probably had trouble trying to get in too.”

We reached out to Walmart’s corporate office to find out why they blocked the doors with shopping carts. We have yet to hear back.

Chief Grimes says he plans to hold an educational session with the staff in the future.


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