Fire Prevention Week provides tips to keep you and your family safer

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — So far in 2021, there have been 100 fire-related deaths across the state.

Wendy Giannini-King with the Wilmington Fire Department says there’s a simple way to keep that number from growing.

“Make sure you have working smoke alarms,” Giannini-King said. “Make sure everyone in your home knows what those sounds mean and what to do when they hear a smoke alarm sounding.”

According to officials, a continuous set of 3 loud beeps means smoke or fire, and that you need to get out quickly.

“Know two ways out of every room, and pick one place for your family to meet in front of the home,” Giannini-King said. “So when the firefighters arrive they can immediately know who’s out front, who’s safe and who might still need some help.”

Giannini-King says it’s important to make finding your house as easy as possible for firefighters.

“Make sure your address is easily seen from the street,” Giannini-King adds. “Don’t just assume that it’s visible. The next time you pull in your driveway, take a hard look. See if you need to trim some bushes, put a fresh coat of paint on it. Make it as easy as you can for us to find you in case of an emergency.”

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