FIRST ON 3: Prosecutors to meet with investigators about ‘Teen Mom’ dog death report

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The case may not be closed on the accusation by a reality show star about the death of her dog.

Yesterday the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office issued a lengthy statement explaining why it was not charging former “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans or her husband David Eason in connection with a report from Evans that Eason shot and killed her pet last spring.

Investigators say they searched the couple’s home in May, but could find no evidence of animal cruelty. They also say Evans later told them she made up the story for publicity. That publicity eventually cost her a spot on the long-running reality show.

Many people were surprised why Evans was not charged with filing a false report. A sheriff’s office spokeswoman told WWAY “the elements to charge for that were not met.”

We then asked District Attorney Jon David, who said yesterday he would have to look into it. He got back to us today.

“Prosecutors from my office will be meeting with the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office next week to review the evidence,” David said in a text message. “I am (unable) to forecast what decisions will be made at that juncture.”

We also called Evans and Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene. Neither have returned our message.

We will continue to follow what happens and let you know.

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