FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Pruden paying for own legal fees

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the defamation lawsuit against former Brunswick County Schools Superintendent Edward Pruden goes through the court process, we’ve learned who is going to pay for the legal fees.

In court Monday, attorneys established in the courtroom that Pruden is baring his own defense with his own money. Attorneys for Roger Bacon Academy Founder Baker Mitchell told a judge Pruden was out of his authority when he re-published several defamatory letters about Mitchell.

Pruden says the letters were printed on the Brunswick County Schools letterhead, but attorneys made sure to note that Pruden is paying for his defense not the school district. Mitchell is seeking damages in excess of $100,000 for unfair and deceptive practices, as well as punitive damages.

The next date for a judge to continue hearing the case has not been set.

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