Fisherman catches brick of marijuana off the coast of Florida

(CBS News) — Jorge Bustamante spent his birthday doing what he loves: fishing. When he set off in a fishing boat with his parents on Monday, he wasn’t expecting the “present” he received: a big brick of marijuana from the sea.

Bustamante told CBS News he and his parents were fishing off the coast of Pompano Beach, Florida, when he saw something floating in the water. He reached in and pulled out a brick of weed. A surprised Bustamante posted photos of the “sea weed” on Instagram.

“Got an early birthday gift from Pablo Escobar,” he wrote, joking that the marijuana came from the late Colombian drug kingpin. He said there were few mahi-mahi and kingfish in Hillsboro Inlet that morning, but it still became a fishing trip the family will remember for a long time.

Bustamante didn’t keep his “present.” Weed isn’t legal in Florida, although it is allowed for medical use, so maybe that’s why the fish had it. Instead of giving it back to the sea, Bustamante says he contacted the Coast Guard, who sent a crew to come to pick it up.

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