Fit Minute: Abs

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s beach season. That means you might have to show your stomach more than you want to. So, personal trainer Brian Knox is here to help. He has three exercises you can do to tighten and strengthen it so you’ll want to show off your mid-drift.
Start with In and Outs.
“Use the pressure in your hands to help yourself up, lean back a little into it, push your knees out and extend your legs. Your body should move back a little bit and then come forward and back into a little crunch and exhale. Squeeze your core and then right back into the original position,” said Knox.
Then, do Single-leg Extensions.
“Sit down on your glutes. You’re going to keep one leg bent with your foot flat on the floor and the other leg is going to be extended out in front of you. You’re going to bring that knee of the leg that’s extended up to your chest. Then, put it right back into the starting position. Then, without bending your knee, try to lift it in the air as high as you can and then right back down and repeat. Do the other side as well,” said Knox.
Finish with the Plank Oblique Squeeze.
“Get into a plank. Take one leg off the ground and bring that knee up to your shoulder and then right back to the starting position and then do the other side,” said Knox.
If you can’t do the moves, Knox has suggestions on modifications you can do.
For In and Outs, everytime your body is in the outward position, touch your feet to the floor and rest for a second then repeat the movement.
When doing Single-leg Extensions, use the arm on the same side as the leg you are working to help raise that leg upward.
As you do the Plank Oblique Squeeze, try doing them from your hands instead of your elbows. That will make it a bit easier.
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