Florida driver stuck on drawbridge lucky to escape as bridge opens

Drawbridge accident in Lantana, Florida in October 2021 (Photo: Palm Beach County/ WPEC)

LANTANA, FL (WWAY) — Shocking new video obtained by CBS 12 News shows the moment when the Ocean Avenue drawbridge in Lantana began to open while the car was still on the edge.

The car teeters over the pit and the driver seems to consider jumping to safety. That’s before the car slides forward just in time.

We reached out to Palm Beach County to get more information on this incident that occurred back in October. But the drawbridge superintendent and other county officials all declined our request for interviews. They did, however, confirm that the bridge tender who was on duty that day was fired.

This coming to light just weeks after 79 year old Carol Wright fell to her death. That’s what she was walking on a different drawbridge that opened as she was crossing. In spite of repeated requests for more information on how exactly that happened, we’re told the investigation is still ongoing, but the community wants answers.

“I was very frightened,” bystander Margaret said. “I thought this poor woman how it must have traumatized her. Unclear as to how it all happened.”

“It should really, really, really never have.”

Boca Raton City Council member and State Representative Candidate Andy Thomson spoke with CBS 12 News today. He says that these incidents have local lawmakers talking about additional safety protocols and training for bridge tenders.

“We probably should have folks who are working in those roles as bridge tenders maybe have some sort of certification process associated with it, or perhaps some sort of enhanced training to make sure that they know the job, that they’re doing it for the most part that they do. But every so often like these things happen. We really, really, really got to make sure that these things never happen,” Boca Raton City Councilman Andy Thomson said.


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