Food Truck Rodeo Returns to New Hanover County after rain delay

NEW HANOVER COUNTY – After being rained out in April, the Food Truck Rodeo is set to make a return in New Hanover County this weekend. Organized by New Hanover County Parks and Gardens, the event promises an array of culinary delights, live music, and an opportunity to support a worthy cause.

Janine Powell, a representative from the organizing committee, shared her excitement about the upcoming event and provided details.

“A food truck rodeo is an event where we bring 20 plus food trucks to one of our parks, and you can get a wide variety of food,” Powell said. “You can spend the day there with your family. We’ve got live music. It’s a great way to go to a park you haven’t been to and have some fun.”

Powell says both local and out-of-town food trucks will be present for the event.

“We’ve got a wide variety of cuisines for this year,” she said. “We’ve got a vegan truck, we’ve got sweets, so we’re covered from food to desserts. You can get whatever you like.”

Beyond the food, Powell highlighted the event’s additional entertainment and philanthropic aspect.

“There’s gonna be some live music throughout the day, and that always adds to the atmosphere,” she said. “And what is so fun about this year is that the money is going to help us build a pump track and skills course at Northern Regional Park.”

Powell said the pump track is an inclusive facility for riders of all abilities.

“Anything from a bike to a wheelchair would be able to use this bike track,” she said.

The Food Truck Rodeo will be held at Ogden Park this Saturday, commencing at noon and concluding at 5 PM. Powell invited attendees to bring their blankets and chairs, emphasizing the community-oriented nature of the event. Most food trucks should accept both cash and credit card.

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