Former Chadbourn police chief’s family devastated, saying he left a note ‘saying goodbye’

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office is searching for Anthony Spivey in the Lumber River deep in the woods near Fair Bluff.

FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is searching for Anthony Spivey in the Lumber River deep in the woods near Fair Bluff.

Two dive teams searched for Anthony Spivey, the former Chadbourn police chief, on Monday from 1 pm until about 7:30 pm after his truck was found near the Sand Hills Hunting Club.

Sheriff Jody Greene says Monday’s search was difficult.

“The current’s extremely fast, water’s dark, they’re having to feel their way around,” Greene said. “Not much visibility under the water at all, we’re still positive though.”

The former police chief is charged with dozens of embezzling and drug charges. He was set to appear in court for a hearing on Monday morning but never showed up.

“Anthony was not that type of person. He was honest. I’d trust him with my life, I’ll tell you that much,” Spivey’s family member Dean Sasser said. “People have a tendency to when they read the papers or any type of media, in general, they believe it. It’s all alleged. He hasn’t been convicted.”

Spivey’s family says he has been missing since around 5:30 pm Sunday. Dean Sasser, who is like a father to Spivey, says Spivey asked to borrow his truck Sunday night for 30 minutes or so. When he didn’t return, Sasser and his wife went out looking for him. They couldn’t find him, so they started searching again Monday morning. That’s when they found the truck at the edge of the river and Spivey’s small boat stuck on a log a couple of hundred feet down the river. They called over a Game Warden, who then called the Sheriff’s Office.

Sasser says the last two weeks have been very difficult for Spivey.

“It didn’t really hit until I saw my truck and I saw the boat where it was located,” Sasser said. “He had left a letter in the truck to all of us…saying his goodbyes. It’s devastating.”

As the search continues, the family reflects on who Spivey is to them and lean into their faith in God.

“He was a good family man, good friend. He always helped his friends,” Sasser said. “What disturbs me the most about that is when all this stuff started, his friends turned their backs on him and that broke his heart.”

The search will continue at day break on Tuesday morning. Sheriff Greene says they will use the helicopter in the search starting Tuesday.

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