Group greets students with high fives and encouragement

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Students at New Hanover High School were greeted with a round of high fives and encouragement Wednesday morning.

Each day this week, the Welcome Committee from Support the Port has welcomed students to school with an important message.

”I know how important education is. And I know how in the midst of getting your education you can take it lightly and take it for granted, so we  just want to come and renew their enthusiasm and let them know people in the community really care about  getting your education,” said Cedric Harrison, the group’s founder.

The kids’ reaction can be mixed.

“You get the kid that’s super enthused that’s like jumping up to give us high five’s. Then you’ve got the other kids that just don’t know what’s going on, like ‘Why are you guys so happy about school?’” said Harrison.

New Hanover High School is just one of five schools the group is visiting this week. Thursday they will be at Rachel Freeman Elementary School and at Annie H Snipes Elementary School on Friday.

The Welcoming Committee is just one many ways Support The Port is working to improve the community. Click here to find out how you can get involved.

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