H2Go holds special meeting, pro-RO commissioners absent

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — H2Go commissioners met again this week in a special meeting.

Thursday night they voted on what could lead to more legal action in the now contentious transfer to the Town of Belville.

“This is ridiculous,” concerned customer Joy Cranidiotis said. “We’re just trying to get clean water from an aquifer from an RO.”

Commissioners of the newly elected H2Go Board are trying to undo what was done in late November when previous members transferred assets to the Town of Belville.

In a special meeting, commissioners against the reverse osmosis plant approved to hire a new law firm after parting ways with the old one.

Commissioners have directed the new firm to recover the assets transferred to Belville through any action necessary.

“I think it was necessary,” concerned customer John Bradley said. “I don’t think the transfer was very legal.”

The commissioners’ approval comes as Leland town leaders issued a court approved temporary restraining order on the commission and as Belville town leaders issue a motion of contempt on the newest H2Go leadership.

“What we’re doing is paying taxes for all of these people to sue each other while we continue to drink contaminated water,” Crandiotis said.

“We discontinued the use of the previous law firm, so I don’t know if there will be any additional cost of this law firm,” H2Go Board Commissioner Jeff Gerken said. “The rate per hour is very, very reasonable.”

WWAY reached out to Water PIO for Belville’s response.

They simply said the transfer was lawful and until legal action comes from H2Go, they have no real response.

“I just hope to see it settle down,” Bradley said. “If they go forward with the RO, make sure it’s done properly.”

“This needs to stop,” Cranidiotis said.

Commissioner Ronnie Jenkins and Commission Elect Rodney McCoy were not part of the meeting.

Commissioner Gerken heard from Jenkins, who said he had a scheduling conflict.

WWAY is still waiting to hear back from McCoy on why he wasn’t there.

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