ONLY ON 3: Hampstead man spreads the word about email scam

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An infamous car wrap email scam has made its way to our area, and one resident wants to spread the word.

The scam tells people they will receive money every week they display a large logo on their car advertising for a popular company.

Hampstead resident, Michael Cooper, said he almost fell victim to the scam and wants to warn others.

“There may be other people in the area that received an identical email, and I just thought the the community needs to be made aware,” said Cooper.

He said once he responded to the email, he received a check and a letter with instructions in the mail. When he realized the check was more than $1,000 and the letter instructed him to wire money to Florida, he knew something was fishy.

We reached out to Samsung, the company used in the scam, and a media representative tells us they are not involved and they have posted a notice to their website to inform customers.

“We urge consumers to delete any such solicitations and ask that anyone who has received this solicitation or has agreed to participate in this campaign contact Samsung at 1-888-987-HELP,” the statement read.

The Federal Trade Commission put out a warning, here, specifically about car wrap email scams.

Click here for a FBI resource on how to outsmart email scams.


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