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Monday, June 14, 2021
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FBI warns about holiday shopping scams

With more people than ever before shopping online, FBI Charlotte wants to warn shoppers to be diligent about what gifts they are buying, and where they're buying those gifts. 

FBI investigates robocalls warning voters to ‘stay home’

Voters across the U.S. received anonymous robocalls in the lead up to Election Day urging them to “stay safe and stay home” - an ominous warning that election officials say could be an effort to scare voters.

Reported scams double in North Carolina during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping is booming, but those online purchases are also hitting consumers hard when it comes to getting scammed.

NC Attorney General warns of coronavirus scams, price gouging

Attorney General Josh Stein is urging North Carolinians to be on the lookout for scammers taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Smart holiday shopping: Avoiding fake reviews and tricky ads

There are lots of bargains online during the holidays, but also plenty of ways to get scammed, even at established outlets like Amazon.

FBI concerned by money mules roped into fraud schemes

The email caught the executive at a small Connecticut company by surprise one morning in 2016. The company's owner, or so he thought, was requesting a money transfer to pay for supplies from a new vendor.

WPD: Warrants secured for man who scammed residents

Police say the man is wanted for frequenting neighborhoods and scamming people out of gas money.

Winston-Salem police say elderly targeted for scam

According to police, while the homeowner is distracted outside, an accomplice steals jewelry and coins from inside the home.

Brunswick Community College warns of fundraising scam

Reports have surfaced of an individual asking for donations to help support BCC students study abroad in Britain.

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Local Israelis and Palestinians on Netanyahu ousting

With 12 years of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu coming to a close and the rise of a new coalition of political groups across the spectrum, local Israelis and Palestinians are holding their breath.

Wrightsville Beach firefighters raising money for training center in honor of Jeremy Owens

Wrightsville Beach Volunteer Firefighters are raising money to honor a member of the team who died in November.

Southport Howe Street project entering final stages of road construction

Road construction is still ongoing along Howe Street in Southport, six months after the sewer line replacement project began. 

Vaccinated visitors soon can take off masks at Disney World

It will soon be a lot easier to see smiles again at Walt Disney World in Florida. Starting Tuesday, face masks will be optional for theme park visitors who are vaccinated.