‘He was trying to kill us:’ 911 call describes the harrowing moments following machete attack

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A 911 call describes the horrifying moments after police say a woman was seriously injured during a machete attack in Wilmington.

Just before 1:30 a.m. Monday, officers responded to the 2200 block of Wrightsville Ave. in reference to a breaking and entering. When they arrived, they found a 28-year-old woman with life-threatening injuries. The victim told police she had been attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Bailey Alexander White, 25.

A man was also in the room when White allegedly broke into an apartment at The Creek at Forest Hills. During a 911 call, he says he jumped out a window and went to a neighbor’s apartment to get help.

The 911 call starts with that neighbor talking to dispatch. The man could be heard yelling “he is there with a knife with her” in the background before eventually taking over the call.

Caller: I do not know the apartment building. I do not live there. I was visiting and someone broke into the house with a knife. I jumped out the window.”

911: Is there anyone else in the house?

Caller: Yes, it was a lady and a man with a knife. I do not know the man.

911: When did this happen?

Caller: *frantically* Now! It is happening right now. They [police] needed to be here 30 minutes ago.

The 911 operator then asks for a description of the suspect which he replies with information. He also then declines any medical treatment.

911: When they broke in, how did they enter?

Caller: The front door. There’s only one way in.

911: So you guys were just in there and he broke in?

Caller: Yes ma’am. I was asleep. He broke in, and he was trying to kill us. He grabbed her and I jumped out the window.

The police arrived on the scene shortly after and the call ended. There were two other 911 calls from neighbors in the apartment complex that also heard the yelling and banging.

Police say they found the victim in the grass after reportedly crawling out of a window. She could be heard faintly calling for help.

As of Thursday, the woman was still in the hospital.

White also appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday and said the woman had deep cuts to her arm, neck, and head.

White is in the New Hanover jail under a $5 million bond.

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