Heavy volume of shipments causes delivery delays for UPS

(AP) – UPS says some package deliveries are being delayed because of an unexpected flood of orders from online shoppers.

Responding to complaints on social media, the company says it is working to fix the problem.

UPS spokesman Steve Gaut says the delays of one or two days were caused by an unexpectedly big “bubble” in online orders the week after Thanksgiving.

United Parcel Service Co. expects to be back to normal operations by the end of Wednesday. It plans to hire about 95,000 seasonal workers and use more automation to meet the crush of shipments

The Atlanta company is sticking with its forecast of holiday shipments of more than 750 million package deliveries between Thanksgiving and Dec. 31, a 5 percent increase over last year.

Here is a statement from UPS:

As for your inquiry regarding shipping performance and reports of delays, UPS does not comment on the accuracy of third-party industry estimates, which vary widely and lag current network performance and operating conditions. As a result of unprecedented shipping volumes in certain markets during cyber week, UPS has added one- or two-days time-in-transit on some deliveries. We have shifted more employees and other resources to these markets to address this cyber week surge and expect to have the issue resolved by midweek, this week.

The vast majority of the 750 million packages UPS ships during this holiday season will be delivered in accordance with the service commitments for the specified time-in-transit. UPS customers can be confident that UPS is taking the necessary steps to ensure the network operates with its customary dependable performance throughout the holiday season.

Through a combination of new capacity and seasonal hiring, UPS expects to process nearly double the normal average daily volume of more than 19 million packages and documents. This year’s forecasted volume is about 5 percent more than 2016’s holiday volume of more than 712 million packages. That’s about 40 million more packages than last year.


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