Prices at the pump on the rise

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gas prices are at a near three-year high and they are only going to keep climbing.

According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular in North Carolina is $2.67. In the Port City it is only a cent less at $2.66 a gallon. 

“Why is our gas so high,” driver, Maggie Tallon said.

That is the million dollar question Wilmington drivers want answered.

“Gas prices in the past week have already gone up 6 cents,” AAA Travel Sales Specialist, PJ Gray said. “AAA thinks that the reason why is because of crude oil prices in the Middle East.”

According to AAA, the price of regular gas in Wilmington went up 2 cents in a day.

“This is ridiculous,” Tallon said.

“I think It’s crazy. I don’t understand it for the life of me,” driver, Earl Walton said.

AAA says the gas prices are up 42 cents from this time last year.

“I’m kind of like wondering what it’s gonna be like next week,” driver, Stephen Vick said. “Like it’s gonna be, I already see it, it’s coming.”

Many say it is a financial burden many do not want to deal with.

“People like me who are retired and on a fixed income are having a hard time meeting the increase in gas,” Tallon said.

For business owner Earl Walton, it is already costing him big time at 70 bucks a tank.

“I gotta haul lumber and stuff. So I gotta have big trucks with big motors,” Walton said. “Of course they use a lot more gas. And it’s hard to even make money now as it is with the lumber prices and gas prices going up and down it doesn’t make any sense. It’s hard to make a living with a business.”

While some gas stations have lower prices than the Wilmington average, prices vary across the area.

“You know, you might go to one station and you find a great price,” Gray said. “Go down the street two blocks over and it’s 6 cents cheaper. So there’s just no really rhyme or reason to it. It’s just a competitive market.”

AAA says they expect to see another five to ten cent increase before the summer is over. However, they do not think regular gas will reach the $3.00 mark.

AAA says ways to cut costs is to plan in advance, look for the cheapest gas stations in the area before your trip. They also suggest looking up flights as they may be cheaper than driving.

AAA ways to conserve fuel

  • Slow down – the faster you drive the more fuel you use. Every 5 mph over 50 mph is like paying an additional $0.18 per gallon, according to the Department of Energy
  • Share work or school rides by carpooling or consider public transportation
  • Do not use your trunk for storage – the heavier your car, the more fuel it uses
  • Combine errands – if possible, park in a central spot and walk from place to place
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