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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Fins Car Wash Opens Third Wilmington Location

FINS of AAA has opened its third Wilmington location, making the car wash its 5th location in North Carolina and 11th in total.

Drivers wait in lines for hours to fill up tanks

Tuesday, fears of a gas shortage led to lines of cars stretching from gas station parking lots to main roads and highways.

North Carolina gas prices the most expensive they’ve been since April 2019

According to AAA, North and South Carolina state averages are now the most expensive daily average price since April 2019.

Is it safe to travel? AAA advises travelers to avoid level 2 & 3 countries

With new cases of the coronavirus popping up seemingly daily, one question some are asking is: 'Is it is safe to travel?'

‘Busiest Travel Day of the Year’: Drivers hit the road ahead of Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving is known as the busiest travel day of the year, but drivers here in the Cape Fear are not letting it put a damper on their holiday spirit.

This cheap gas in North Carolina might not last long

Gas prices have dropped significantly to wrap up the year in North Carolina. According to AAA, gas prices are the lowest December rates in two years.

Gas prices nearing highest level in four years

The cost of gasoline is rising around the U.S., pushing prices at the pump close to their highest level in four years. 

Prices at the pump on the rise

Gas prices are at a near three-year high and they are only going to keep climbing.

Year-end gas prices expected to be highest since 2014

According to AAA, motorists will pay the highest November and December gas prices since 2014.

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Kure Beach council passes ordinance opposing wind energy leases within 24 miles of shoreline

The first year of paid parking wrapped up in the Town of Kure Beach and the council is reporting how much was made and taking a stand against wind energy too close to its shoreline.

Preparations begin for the 2021 Cape Fear Fair and Expo

Signs of the 2021 Cape Fear Fair and Expo are now visible near the Wilmington International Airport, where workers began preparations on Sunday. 

Leland celebrates long-awaited completion of a multi-use path along Old Fayetteville Road

Dozens of people turned out Monday for an event years in the making, celebrating the completion of a path connecting Founders Park to North Brunswick High School. 

Commissioners clash over community violence prevention plans

Monday's New Hanover County Commissioner meeting grew tense when the conversation turned to violence prevention in the Cape Fear.