He’s visited her grave 1,300 times — his ‘payback’ for 72 years of patience and love

HONOLULU, HI (KGMB) — Ted Richardson is usually the first visitor to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific after the gates open at 6:30 a.m.

Six days a week, no matter the weather, he is there to visit the grave site of his late wife — Florence.

“I always tell her when I go up there, ‘Payback time,'” he said.

Ted uses payback as a term of endearment.

He was 16 and Florence just 14 when they first met in their Pennsylvania town in 1941.

“I was standing in the hall. The classes were changing and I saw a beautiful girl. I went home and told my daddy that night I saw the girl I was going to marry,” he said.

After high school, Richardson enlisted in the U.S. Marines and fought through World War II.

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