HOA tells North Carolina homeowner to remove cross from Christmas display

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — A reason for the season or an HOA violation? One north Raleigh family would’ve never thought a cross being used as a Christmas decoration as a point of contention for their neighborhood.

The Faison family says the cross is a symbol of hope and they’re not taking it down despite what their Homeowners Association says.

James Faison and his wife have lived in the Mulberry Park community for five years. This Christmas, they put up a six-foot cross in their yard.

The HOA then sent the family a letter saying the cross is not considered a Christmas decoration — but for Easter or Passover so it needed to be removed or pay a $100 fine.

When the Faisons questioned the violation, the HOA responded asking for scripture to connect the cross and Christmas. Despite their confusion, the Faisons provide biblical references to connect Christmas and the cross.

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