Horry County already gearing up for mosquitoes

It is still winter, but Horry County is already dealing with mosquitoes.

“Friday evening I was outside in my yard and mosquitoes ate me up,” said Ruth Frints, who lives in Conway.

Horry County Mosquito Control is already gearing up for what they anticipate to be a busy, buzzing mosquito season.

“We always try to expand our larvaeciding program. We’re going from 12,000 tablets this year to 15,000,” said James Brock, the county’s mosquito control supervisor.

Larvacide is a substance that kills mosquitoes before they are fully formed.

The county also sprays to kill active mosquitoes but they are not at that stage just yet.

“We are not to the point to where we are ready to start spraying, it all governs with the weather, nighttime temperatures dictates pretty much when we spray.” said Brock.

Once nights are regularly above 53 degrees, the county will spray, and they are not just spraying random areas.

“We look at the new subdivisions, we look at the maps where we had hot spots last year, where we didn’t have problems and we just kind of formulate it from there,” said Brock.

Mosquito sprayer Al Allen from Allen’s Aviation says to expect more mosquitoes this week because of the rain today and expected warmer temperatures.

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