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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Tag: Mosquitoes

Creator of mosquito-themed state flag says design was a joke

A Mississippi man who submitted a proposal to place a giant mosquito on the new state flag says he created the design as a joke.

Mosquitoes swarm North Carolina county after Hurricane Dorian

Mosquitoes have swarmed a North Carolina county in the days since Hurricane Dorian brought heavy rainfall to the area.

Uptick seen in rare mosquito-borne virus in some states including NC

The number of U.S. deaths and illnesses from a rare mosquito-borne virus are higher than usual this year, health officials report. Eastern equine encephalitis has been diagnosed in 21 people in six states, and five people have died. The infection is only being seen in certain counties within a small number of states.

Mosquito population ‘below average’ so far in Brunswick County

If you've noticed more mosquitoes nipping at your ankles, you're not alone. After weeks of unseasonably dry conditions, wet weather is making a comeback and so are those pesky blood-suckers!

Do mosquitoes bite certain people more than others? NC expert says yes

The female mosquito is the one that bites - and she's looking to get some of your blood so she can digest it and convert it into the energy she needs to make her eggs.

Pender County rejects aerial spraying for mosquitoes for now

Pender County Health and Human Services, department of Environmental Health, is actively spraying for mosquitos following Hurricane Florence.

Brunswick Co. emergency response aerial mosquito spraying begins this week

Aerial spraying for mosquitoes in Brunswick County is set to begin Monday evening.

Aerial mosquito spraying will begin soon in Brunswick County

Aerial spraying for mosquitoes in Brunswick County will begin Monday, weather-permitting, to assist with mosquito populations following Hurricane Florence and the storm-related flooding.

Cooper orders $4M to fight mosquitoes after Florence

Feel like you're being eaten alive every time you step outside since Hurricane Florence? Help is on the way.

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Bald Head Island officers fired in 2014 awarded $700k in lawsuit

A federal judge has sided with four former Bald Head Island Public Safety Officers who filed a lawsuit after they were fired six years ago.

NC audit questions monitoring of virus funds for education

State Auditor Beth Wood's office says North Carolina’s education department has failed to monitor sufficiently whether over $140 million in federal coronavirus relief money was used properly or met its intended purposes.

Mayor declares Thursday as ACCESS of Wilmington Day

Mayor Bill Saffo has declared Thursday as ACCESS of Wilmington Day.

Lu Mil Vineyard brightens Bladen County with annual Christmas light show

Lu Mil Vineyard is lighting up the night with their annual Festival of Lights.