Horton and Rouzer weigh in on illegal immigration debate

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — President Donald Trump has made illegal immigration a top issue moving into this midterm election.

President Trump has ordered an additional 5,000 troops be sent to the US-Mexico-border. Rep. David Rouzer (R-7th District) and his challenger Kyle Horton have very different opinions on that.

Rouzer says its important to protect our borders.

“It’s certainly appropriate for all resources to be used to basically prevent what really quite frankly would be an invasion by those who are not citizens of this country,” Rouzer said.

But, Democrat Horton says North Carolina needs the troops here as we continue hurricane recovery.

“As we were getting out into some of the hardest hit communities what we learned is that we actually needed the national guard,” Horton said. “We need to invest in infrastructure. We need a lot more resources here to ensure [and] to make sure we are keeping people safe and secure right here.”

President Trump said he planned to sign an executive order removing the right to citizenship for babies born in the US to illegal immigrants and non-citizens.

Rouzer supports it.

“It was never intended for those who come to the country illegally to use it as a tool for welfare benefits and to start the process of chain migration,” Rouzer said.

Horton says this would not honor our value and commitment to the constitution.

“By these executive orders and in many cases by executive branch over reach they are in fact defying the constitution,” Horton said.

Democrats and Republicans remain divided. The midterm election could decide which party will win this debate.

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