‘Hot Garbage’ turning trash into art

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Garion Worldslayer is turning trash into ‘Hot Garbage’ in the Cape Fear.  The photographer is working with ‘BootScrap,’ a sustainable, environmentally conscious trio, to make you look at what you throw away in a brand new light.

He works throughout the area, cleaning parks, waterways, and wherever he finds trash to gather props for his photo shoots.  It is also a chance to clean the areas he loves.

Worldslayer says “I kinda want to showcase places that are naturally so beautiful that it would be such an upset for you to see the trash there in the first place.”

When asked what the purpose of ‘Hot Garbage’ is, Worldslayer responds that it is “an endeavor to showcase pollution in a creative light and to question whether you would look at the trash if there wasn’t a model in front of it.”

He adds that he was inspired to do this to make “the place I love so much even more beautiful.”

There are weekly releases on ‘Waste Free Wednesdays’ and you can find out more about Garion Worldslayer by clicking here.  For more on BootScrap click here.

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