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NC couple stages baby photoshoot with toilet paper, wipes amid virus outbreak

Many new parents love to document the milestones in their babies' lives, from month-to-month birthdays to first smiles. And there's no bigger milestone than baby's first pandemic.

Community raises thousands to replace photographer’s stolen gear

In just one day, the community has rallied and raised nearly $4,000 to help a photographer who had his gear stolen on Sunday at a photo shoot.

Local photographer to release Surf City swing bridge documentary

The Surf City swing bridge closed for good in December, but a local photographer wants to preserve its memories forever by releasing a documentary about the iconic bridge. 

Wrightsville Beach Museum wants your beach photos!

Now that the 1924 Bordeaux Cottage has been moved to its permanent location, the Wrightsville Beach Museum is hoping you will be a part of what goes inside.

CVS to stop using altered images in ads by 2020

In an effort to combat the "propagation of unrealistic body images," CVS Pharmacy has committed to stop using altered images for their marketing materials.

Family shares photos gone weirdly wrong in Photoshop fail

According to Zaring, the family paid a “professional photographer” to shoot some family photos and the results weren’t quite what they were expecting.
Selfie of Naruto, the macaque monkey, taken in 2011. (Photo: David J. Slater)

Fight over rights to monkey’s selfie ends in settlement

A lawsuit over who owns the copyright to selfie photographs snapped by a monkey has ended in a settlement before a federal court could answer the novel legal question.

Newborn photo shoot turns disaster into beautiful moment for Texas family

There are a lot of new mothers who gave birth during and after Hurricane Harvey, and one photographer captured a beautiful moment as a result of such a devastating time for Texas.

Want to photograph the eclipse? Cell phone cameras not the best option

The eclipse will likely be one of the most photographed events in history. If you plan to take pictures of it, your cell phone may not be the best option.

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