Humpday Health: Skin care for summer

WILMINGTON, NC WWAY) — The skin is the biggest organ on your body and also one of the most important organs to take care of during the summer months. you do this by using sunscreen to prevent sunburns.

“Sunburns are very uncomfortable, they can cause peeling, they can cause even more sunburns and it’s very bad for your skin.” Physician assistant Jacqueline Carroll said.

That’s because sunburns can cause skin cancer, the most common type of cancer according to the American Cancer Society. to prevent that, you should apply sunscreen fifteen minutes before you go out into the sun and reapply every two hours while you stay in the sun or right away after you get out of the water.

“Even with a water resistant sunscreen it’s important to reapply at least every two hours.” Carroll said.

Sunscreen is easy to get at any store, but it is important to get and use the right type. Getting a higher SPF is a better option if you are more fair skin and getting a higher quality sunscreen is important as well.

“I prefer using medical grade products,” Carroll said “They are the best quality products and they are going to look the best, feel the best and last the best on your skin.”

If you do burn there are some tips for you to consider: stay out of the sun, stay hydrated and moisturize.

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